Pregnancy heartburn symptoms, causes and remedies

Pregnancy and family

How to ease pregnancy heartburn

Everything you need to know about pregnancy heartburn, including how to ease the burn.

Can you get pregnant 2 days before your period?

Everything you need to know about your fertility window.

Could my operation have affected my sperm count?
You are right that there are reports of increased risk of cancer in …
Varicocele question
It can sometimes lower fertility but often it doesn't. I can't see a…
It is produced and released by a part of the brain called the hypoth…
Can working in a hot place make me infertile?
The scrotum is naturally designed to hold the testicles away from the body and the veins carrying blood away from the testicles back...
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Reverse vasectomy

Your chances of success after a reversal of vasectomy procedure depend upon the nature of the operation...

male doctor
Can I bank some sperm?

Although technically it is possible to reconnect the sperm pathway (vas deferens) after vasectomy, success depends more upon whether...

Can my treatment for epididymitis prevent my wife from conceiving?
If you were to suffer from it repeatedly then you can get some blockage of the tubes but usually it is one-sided and does not cause...
Sperm shortage
It is not unusual for the volume of a man's semen to reduce with age. At the same time the consistency may change....
Can sperm swim the wrong way?
Sperm are examined on a glass slide, under the microscope. They swim in all directions across the slide, and there is no 'right way'. .…
Ejaculation and infertility
People do vary a lot in the distance that they 'squirt', but it is true that most guys of 25 do project their semen at least an inch ..…
Fertility – sperm clumping
Keeping his scrotum cool – simply by avoiding hot clothing and hot environments – may do some good (and will certainly do n…
Does male fertility decline in their 40s?
After all, he will be producing semen at the very top of your vagina – so that it won't matter what force there is behind it. And…
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DIY sperm freezing
I think you should let a private artificial insemination clinic do the freezing and transfer for you...
Chickenpox blisters on eyelids
If pus-filled spots or ulcers do appear inside her eyelids, take her along to see your GP....
Mother playing with son
One of my son's testicles is enlarged

Actually, what you are seeing is a difference in size. It is more likely that the bigger one is the normal one and the smaller one ...

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I had a testicular torsion, but can I now have children?
If the condition is diagnosed quickly and surgically corrected immediately, as in your case, testicular function may be fully retained.…
What help for cleft palate?
The gap in the lip or palate can be repaired surgically and the techniques now available for such treatment are very advanced...
I've got diabetes – will my kids get it too?
But we still do not know why diabetes occurs. At least four genes are known to be important in determining sensitivity to the developme…
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